Hi go-getter lady,

I know that if you came this far, you are a true Go-getter, unstoppable Goddess of Lavishness and you will be experiencing something very special soon. That is why I wanted to gift you with my special Sunday Mindset Jewel! Enjoy it as you deserve it! And in case you have any questions about the training or you simply want to share what have you been experiencing so far, please do not hesitate to contact me, simply reply the last email and I will come back to you as soon as possible. We all meet our angels in life, they come and it is up to us if we would be intuitive enough to recognize them and ask them for help. Sometimes all we need is to talk to them… if you are a true go-getter lady, I am sure you will recognize the sign!

If you missed to check the first part of my training, please scroll down to hear my intro video and listen to the guided audio training, which you will need in order to make your DREAM BOARD fully synchronized with the attraction frequency of the Universe.

It’s awesome to see you here! Thanks for saying YES to yourself and setting up the foundation of your soulmate attraction. You are about to enter into the high-vibe zone! Here is my welcome video!


~ PART #1~

So, lovely now that you know what to expect from my 3 part training, you can plunge into the first part of it – my audio recording of the Visit to Your Future Self exercise. And again, please, please, please, make yourself fully comfy for this one, switch off all the alerts, dim the lights and for the best performance, use your headsets.


~ PART #2~

My Bound to Success dream Board is here for you! Please follow the instruction given in the document you can download below to create a Dream Board with purpose and intention in a structured and organized way.  As you may know already, my Bound to Success Dream Board is a foundation of setting yourself on the course of success, Goddess-like life and lavishness. It led me to attract my flamingo soulmate, get two promotions at work in less than a year in between, travel to my dream destination and give back to women like me who are determined to live the life of their dreams with their Mr Right and HAVE IT ALL.


~ PART #3~

And now is the Mindset Jewels time! You may have heard many times, mindset is key, but how to really practice to keep your mindset fit… well, I have a secret, as you know, and you are in the right place. You have seen my own journal, my jewel box of mindset.

You can download below my Morning and Evening Mindset Jewels and start practicing now, every day, until you get to know yourself to the deepest depths. And tweak your focus as you go along…



If you have completed all 3 parts of the training + you also did the bonus exercise and you feel that you are ready to claim your own high-vibe life accompanied by true love and your Mr. Right, go ahead and feel free to schedule a 20 min FREE Coaching Assessment with me, so you can get a feel of how dedicated work on your own expansion as a woman can make all your dreams come true, with your soulmate by your side!

Love, Ana Kosta Mail Signature