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Wishing your soulmate would show up just like in a movie?

Wishing to stop just going to meaningless dates and start waking up with your Mr Right?

Wishing to spontaneously meet your Mr Big in real life?

2018 Is The Year Of Dreams Come True Vs. Just Wishing

Are you ready to become your Highest-Queen-Self and focus on attracting your soulmate?

Are you ready to make the fail-proof steps that will get you the man who is the exact match for your super-powerful-boss-babe-self?

Are ready to once and forever live your dream life with your Mr Right?

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You lush for a meaningful relationship with the man of your dreams!

How would it feel when you could:

  • unleash your true-self and shine with self-confidence
  • be able to attract Mr. Right into your life this year
  • wake up every day in his arms and feel happy
  • have him stare at your eyes saying that he loves you the way you are
  • share the life with him and be treated like a Queen
  • have him cope as a real man with your high-achieving background and feminine power
  • do things that you love together with utmost respect and compassion for each other
  • be his priority number one feeling pampered and taken care of
  • be who you really are and enjoy yourself in his company?


MY STORY Ana Kosta Coaching Close-up

Just over a year and a half ago I was still single. But not only single - a single full-time working and traveling mom of a 4 year old boy. Being a single mom was my reality since my son was 1 year old. I was in my early 30's, stuck in a dysfunctional marriage, left the job and an international city where I used to live, because of what I thought was the life of my dreams. And I ended up being in an energy draining relationship, while becoming a mom. 

So I moved back into my parent’s home in my home country, far away from my international life, friends and all the glam that this life once offered to me. And I started looking into myself, rather than seeking for the happiness outside. Little did I know at the beginning of my transformation that... when we look for anything in life from the perspective of lack, we end up feeling like it always escapes.  This is how it felt for me for a long time in my quest of finding my soulmate.

Have you fulfilled the dreams of the little girl you once were?



Everything changed when I made a decision that NO MATTER WHAT I will be living the life of my dreams with the man of my life and not only he is going to be the man of my life, but my SOULMATE, my Mr. Right, the one who is not afraid of being with a powerful and independent woman I am. I felt hiring a life coach at the time would be my key to success, so I did that. I applied for coaching with a coach that the Universe sent to me.

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The day I finished my last coaching session with my life coach was the day everything changed…

That day I met my SOULMATE.

That day I realized that everything is possible if we only make a decision.

That day I figured out how the Universe always gives us what we need at each given moment.

That day I knew that my life was going to change forever.

The whole transition from unhappy, over-dominant and single me to shining, lavish, irresistible and coupled-up me happened because of the inside work I have been doing on myself. I have changed my attitude, the way I see myslef, my life and all that surrounded my life. I started seeing my “disadvantages” as my “assets” and I totally revamped my Mindset.

Whether you are:

  • Struggling to ever attract the right man for a date wondering if you would ever meet your soulmate, your exact match
  • Working all the time and you just do not have time to meet anyone new
  • Thinking that you lost your chance and your time has passed to enjoy the life with a man, as there are so many younger women out there
  • Licking your old wounds and feeling you are not yet ready to go out there and look for a man
  • Worrying about whether any man can match your level of income, or be a man enough to cope with your professional success on a long-term
  • Raising your child as you are a single mom, plus working full-time and you just don’t see how meeting the man of your life can still happen
  • Feeling like your whole life was a mistake in terms of your ex-boyfriend/husband choices and you just work, work, work, work to forget

I get you, Darling!

Most of these struggles I felt and experienced myself.

After the VIP private coaching with me you will have:

  • Crystal clarity on what is holding you back from attracting your soulmate - being conscious of any blockages is the first step to overcome them
  • A clear understanding of your current lifestyle and mindset showing you how they affect all other aspects of your life including your quest of finding your Mr. Big
  • Tailor-made plan with specific mindset exercises and tools to help you raise to your Highest-Self and enjoy your journey of soulmate attraction
  • Me keeping you accountable for whatever you committed to do during our coaching journey, as I will act as your personal High Vibe Life trainer
  • A healthy and thriving relationship with yourself and everyone else that surrounds you
  • Confidence that no matter what, your life can and will turn out the way you want it, and that you are on the verge of attracting your SOULMATE
  • And not limited to the above as with my clients we assess the entire life and identify the standstill areas, as my coaching approach is holistic.

Right now you are wondering whether this is all true and possible and even doable.


You have tried so many things by now and nothing seems to work, you are often on the edge of giving up from all that Happily ever after story!

You purchased and read so many self-help books, attended retreats, went to energy cleansing summits and signed up to all possible online classes than you would dare to admit… and now what?

You have just spread yourself too thin and lost the focus, that’s it!

Sometimes we need to reach out for help as trying on our own can be too exhausting and lengthy. 

Trust me. Trying on my own took me many tears, days, and months of feeling like: Is this all that life has to offer to me?

I care for you too much to let you keep smashing your head against the wall not knowing what could you possibly do to change the game for yourself and finally figure attract your soulmate and design the life you desire.

I know there are many coaches out there.

Ana Kosta Coaching

However, I can offer you the unique support coming from the High-end corporate job at the HQ of a Global Fortune 500 company, knowing fully struggles of women in dynamic business environment. I was coached myself and learned coaching from top coaches in the industry. I have a top 100 Financial Times MBA.

I was full-time working and looking for my soulmate with a 4 year old that I took care of completely alone, emotionally, logistically and financially. I barely had any time for myself, not to mention going out and I considered myself too much of a romantic dreamer and a high professional to explore the online dating world. And here I am now, living my dreams with my powerful mighty man and helping women all around the world attract their SOULMATE.

I wish someone told me there was an easy and graceful way to a blissful and lavish life some years ago.

Instead I…

  • Spent so much time bragging about all bad experiences in relationships with my girlfriends
  • Spent my free time without purpose and intention asking myself why is life so unfair to me
  • Spent energy on people that did not serve me at all, but on the contrary sucked my energy
  • Spent too much time looking for the happiness outside, instead of focusing on the inside.

This is what other go-getter ladies have to say about my work:

Ana is an amazing life & relationship coach and is very supportive. She is very detailed and methodical and in working with her, she asks you questions that will help you dig deeper. Her thoughtful nature mixed with her analytical style really serves her clients well.

Ana's feedback has been beneficial to growing my feminine-energy and self-awareness. This has helped me to show up with more confidence in my business and my life. I like the fact that Ana is not afraid to speak up when necessary to help you see the blind spots for yourself. Thanks Ana for being there and providing me with the invaluable feedback which I have immensely benefited from.

Kay, Business Coach and Finance Expert

Apart from the fact that Ana is a great mother, very successful business woman, the fact that she has managed to find her soulmate, she is brightening and shining in a way only people who are very much aware of who they are and what their core essence is can brighten. It definitely inspires me to believe that it is possible.

I believe that she can contribute in high extent to all the women looking for their soulmates, but more important, looking for their core essence-heart to come to the surface, as only then soulmate can walk into anybody’s life.

Iva, Business Owner at Miticc

Here is what you will get in the VIP private coaching with me:

  • 12 x 45 min coaching sessions with me during the 4 months period
  • Welcome Pack to help you reflect and share with me your most important life info so I can learn about you and support you fully
  • Easy and well-structured preparation kit before each session to keep you focused on your goal
  • Customized exercises and tools to overcome any identified blocks and help you attract your soulmate faster
  • Clear follow-up action steps after each session
  • Plus you can ask me any question you like and I will be open to discuss with you.
  • And only until the end of 2017 - BONUS 2 hours Coaching Intensive with me, that we could do in person if you'd like and our paths cross sometime in 2018.
Get Ready To Shine Your Truth And Transform Your Life

From Lone Princess Warrior to Beloved Queen.

Because you deserve it!


Exclusivity clause*** important, please read!!!

This VIP private coaching will fit You like a shoe to Cinderella if:

* You are someone who goes after what she wants without any delays and second thoughts, unapologetically (not next month or next year).

* It is clear to you that success requires commitment, investment and mentorship and you are ready to go all the way!

* You are open for honest feedback to fix whatever is there to be fixed so that you can attract the life and the soulmate you desire.

This Unique VIP private coaching isn’t for You if:

* You are still trying to figure it out all by yourself, not changing anything in practice (come back when you are ready to truly change your life)

* You think nothing will ever work for you and you do not trust the success and change you see others are living.

* You’d rather spend time browsing net for a cooler offer. Browse off dear as this offer is surely not for you!

COACHING Ana Kosta Coaching Exclusivity

Here is how you will make your decision

You’ve got two options:

COACHING Ana Kosta Coaching Decision

A: Get a likeminded Female Expert Support:

Learn the exact techniques that I used to transform my life and attract my soulmate (with the wedding discussion popping-up), so that you can also have a man up to your standard whom you can rely on, cook a dinner for both of you when you come back from work, enjoy romantic road trips and getaways, have a family vacation and stop feeling like everybody is inviting you because they feel sorry for you. Be a Boss-Lady, choose how, with whom and where are you going to spend your time, love your life and start getting used to HAVE IT ALL right now!

B: Watch others grow:

Stay alone and watch others date. Keep going to weddings alone. Keep missing to catch that bouquet, bursting into tears in the middle of the wedding party of your best friend and rushing to your hotel room to hide away. Keep seeing all the happy couples while wondering why you are still single, watch them have their babies and celebrate New Year’s Eve with their newly created families. In simple words, do not challenge yourself and Nothing. Will. Change.

Stop waiting for better time to come, for the time when you have the time and money, for a miracle when everything will change one day.

Stop lying to yourself.

You know that one day never comes. Instead you can create it.

If you want to get a man… get a life first, my dear!

Just imagine:

  • Waking up each morning knowing that your man a.k.a. your soulmate is there for you
  • Traveling and doing fun things together and feeling relaxed and in the flow with all you do in life
  • Having to “stress” about wedding plans and make “difficult” decisions on wedding location, guest list and your wedding gown
  • Planning family, talking baby names and discussing the baby logistics with your Mr. Right
  • Being sure of yourself and trusting that your man will support you and encourage you to be who you really are
  • Feeling pleasure from living your dreams and the amazing life you’ve created with utter joy and gratitude


After the VIP private coaching with me your life will never be the same again.

Be a boss-lady and choose your dreams


Still not sure?