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Just over a year ago I was still single approaching mid-thirties…

I was dreaming about being able to finally meet my soulmate in THIS life.

I was not only single, but I was an MBA-full-time-working-and-traveling-SINGLE-mom. I lived alone with my toddler and dedicated my life to my child and my career. It worked, I earned two promotions in a span of only 2 years, but I wasn’t fulfilled… something was missing…

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I almost had no time for myself, I worked 9-5, ran each morning to drop my son to the kindergarten and pick him up on time and the rest of the day I was a combo of mom and dad even playing football with my son to compensate for the lack of his father's presence. I was already done with pain about leaving my past relationship and semi-successful life, but the change really started to happen when I embraced my aloneness and learn how to accept it and believe that I am the only person on Earth responsible for whatever happens to me.

I started to look at it with the eyes of love and not judgement.

I was grateful for the peace and freedom that I had. And I wanted to claim my freedom even more. I started to feel happier, more alive, more energized, just from the simple fact that I was alive and free to do whatever, even though in my daily routine I wasn't having much free time, me time. But little that I had was enough to make me indulge deep into my soul and explore what it was that I really wanted and needed in life... now that I was kind of starting over.

I realized that the dream of the little girl in me was still alive, in spite all the failures, pain and bad experiences, I dreamed of calming the love of my live, finding my Mr. Right, my true deep profound soulmate. And sharing love, dreams, passion and adventures with him!

Different men started coming my way, but something didn't flow. I had a feeling that I was "faulty goods", a woman with a “past” and +1. How was I ever going to be attractive to anyone? And how am I going to meet anyone if I almost never go out? And even if I do, my friends were telling me since my early 20’s that I was too dominant and that it would be hard for me to FIND and KEEP any man. Often I was over-compensating to lower my dominance, accepting relationships that were not up to my standard.

MY STORY Ana Kosta Coaching

But hey, this was all behind me and I realized that I can HAVE IT ALL if I wish…

That is when I made big bold decisions and changes in my life:

  • I started to follow exclusively my HEART as my guide in life
  • I decided to trust the Universe and believe that everything happens for my highest good
  • I deliberately set myself on the journey of finding my SOULMATE I knew existed and was also craving for me
  • I hired a Life coach that Universe sent to me and started to work towards attracting my dream life with my Mr. Right...
  • I decided to leave the past and create my new #highvibelife on my own sexy and glorious terms

The coaching I engaged in was a jewel on the crown building upon all the experiences of different therapies and healings I went through in my journey of my soulmate manifestation. It was focusing on the future, rather than on the past. I still remember the day when I said to my mastermind friend in one of our skype sessions: I am going to do and try everything possible that comes my way in order to find my soulmate. The coaching was last thing that came my way.

One year after that statement and few months after my decision to hire my coach, I was already having first date over a tea with the man of my life (during office hours though). And there were so many other men interested, but I just let the Universe guide me and it was very easy for me to recognize who my soulmate was.


Today we are planning for our big fat beach wedding for next year! The whole summer has been full of adventures: we organized our parents to meet-up during our beach vacation, while looking for the wedding venues, visited 3 beautiful islands for amazing weddings of friends and currently planning our first overseas family vacation.

Last year we went to 5 weddings together, seems like the whole wedding channel opened up since then! It felt so nice to finally attend all the weddings in couple and not alone anymore. After moving in together, having designed our brand new kitchen and decorated our home, with mutual dedication and engagement, we spent the winter cozy and did our first family ski trip. It finally started to feel like a family I’d always desired to have.

I am still a successful corporate career woman, working in one of the Global Fortune 500 companies, still doing business class travel for my job, and coaching ladies all around the world in my after-office hours. It is online and YES, it works!

Going through the drama of a single mom and being where I am right now, living my dream life with my Mr. Right for two years already, traveling with our 6-year old adorable boy, caring for each other, feeling, breathing and thinking love, made me discover my new passion in life…

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… all of this made me become a coach, so that I can help a lady like you embrace your feminine essence, virtues and power that every woman on Earth has and attract the Mr. Right into your life through my soulmate manifestation system.

After my own experience, I simply had a calling to go out and help other women do the same, claim their dream life, together with their Mr. Big!

It’s my passion, my mission and my devotion!