Ana has a super talent to gently open the path for the transformation of any relationship issue and help guiding your life towards fulfilled happiness. She poses the exact questions which let he light-bulb of awareness shine. What I love about her the most is her gentle, compassionate, caring character as well as highly supportive attitude, creating a safe space for emotional sharing a healing.

She had successfully manifested her dream life, so be sure, she has all the assets to help you successfully do the same!

Tünde Belényesi, Business Coach & Career Transformation Strategist


Ana is an amazing life & relationship coach and is very supportive. She is very detailed and methodical and in working with her, she asks you questions that will help you dig deeper. Her thoughtful nature mixed with her analytical style really serves her clients well. Ana's feedback has been beneficial to growing my feminine-energy and self-awareness. This has helped me to show up with more confidence in my business and my life. I like the fact that Ana is not afraid to speak up when necessary to help you see the blind spots for yourself. Thanks Ana for being there and providing me with the invaluable feedback which I have immensely benefited from.

Kay, Business Coach and Finance Expert

Kay Ana Kosta Coaching Love.png

I know Ana for more than 10 years already. Knowing her path, I can say that she is a very strong woman, who managed extremely a lot in her life on her own. As for many women in the world it is never easy to manage to be successful in business, independent in life and at the same time to manage to keep feminine side alive.

Success is never the matter of bank account state, neither is the fact that we have families, neither is having any of life element fulfilled-alone as such. It is always balance between all the elements and most important to be fulfilled and honest to yourself - what you are meant to be by your essence, listening to your heart. In my opinion, that is very difficult to achieve.

Ana has managed to achieve that. To awaken her feminine side, to keep very high momentum in both professional and private life - by being what she is in her essence. Following her path in the past several years, I can see that she has grown immensely. In a very positive way.

Apart from the fact that she is a great mother, very successful business woman, the fact that she has managed to find her soulmate, she is brightening and shining in a way only people who are very much aware of who they are and what their core essence is, can brighten. It definitely inspires me to believe that it is possible.

I believe that she can contribute to high extent to all the women looking for their soulmates, but more importantly, looking for their core essence to come to the surface, as only then soulmate can walk into anybody’s life.

Iva, Business Owner at Miticc